Company Overview

Founded in 2002 by David Edwards PhD, Earth Bound Homes builds some of the greenest homes in California. Every building decision we make- be it material or design- is considered for its effect on the environment and on the long term effect on the house and the people who live there. Our process includes rigorous value engineering, informed materials selections and diligent construction.

The end result is a beautiful, durable home that will last for generations to come, with reduced impact on the environment now and long into the future. Your new or remodeled home is not only cheaper to live in and maintain, but it is also healthier and more socially responsible than one built with standard construction materials and methods.

Earth Bound Homes has long operated on the forefront of green technology. Since opening, we have done intensive research into environmentally responsible materials, resource conservation, alternative energy sources and building techniques. We’ve discovered that by being more resource and energy efficient, our homes cost significantly less to maintain, while being cost competitive to build.

Being a value-based company, we’ve also dedicated ourselves to sharing our knowledge of green building practices. We regularly participate in free public lectures for homeowners, contractors and architects on the most innovative techniques and materials. With our passion for upholding and educating others about green standards, Earth Bound Homes has emerged as a leader in the green building industry. Please see our home page for a list of upcoming public talks and lectures.

The most immediate impact our building practices have, though, is on the homeowner. We are dedicated to producing the best homes possible - super energy efficient, durable and free of toxic compounds- while also focusing on design and aesthetics. We give our clients the ability to make a difference in their lives, in the wellness of the planet, and the future of their children. It’s your home, only better.

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